Rearz Select Vintage Adult Diapers

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Immerse yourself in the simplicity of the past. Select Vintage diapers have been designed to resemble the all white Pampers from the 80's with a crinkly outer and super soft white and blue inner.


One tape per side makes for easy application and removal, not to mention that it's perfect for rounding out a cute, classic adult baby look. Sleek and adorable, they're sure to make you feel extra little!


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  • 5

    Posted by Clayton Burdon on 2022 Dec 1st

    they are just like baby diapers . when I put them on they make me feel like a baby

  • 5

    Posted by Rob on 2022 Nov 26th

    This Diaper holds up very well . I wear these to work and I’m very active . I like the single tape per side as it allows me to move freely . These don’t fall apart when wet they stay together and absorb really well . The plastic backing is a little thicker than most plastic back diapers but helps it hold up better in my active lifestyle . Noise is noticeable in a quite room but for most part cant here it . Wish they where just a little thinner not as bulky and maybe not so expensive . I can go 8-10 hrs in this at work with out a change . Where as my fitright medical diapers I get I’ll have to change 4-5 times a day !

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    Great product with a bit of fun

    Posted by Louis on 2022 Nov 21st

    When I first developed bladder issues in my early 40's, I wondered - silly as it might sound - if adult diapers would be the same as the Pampers I remember as a kid. So when I read the description of these, I smiled at the explicit Pampers comparison. So yes, they are a novelty item, but they also work great - like all Rearz products. Although I think double tapes are superior, the single tape works well. All told, they feel and fit a bit different than other adult diapers - they're quite fluffy - but assuming that's the whole idea, then they are a success. I think of these as similar to braces having coloured elastics - it's a fun take on a serious thing and why the heck not. I hope Rearz keeps these as a regular product.

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    Rearz Select Vintage Adult Diapers

    Posted by Clayton Burdon on 2022 Oct 20th

    The one tape on both sides are great they stick really good and they stay stuck

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    They're ok

    Posted by Vee on 2022 Oct 10th

    Pretty comfortable. Hold up real well. My go to. Thats it

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    Rearz select vintage

    Posted by M on 2022 Oct 6th

    These feel great, I didn’t know how I would like going back to a 2 tape design, but they definitely have a comfortable fit to them. Great for every day wear,

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    Fun design

    Posted by eli on 2022 Aug 17th

    This is fun diaper. Good for day time use.

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    Rearz Select Review

    Posted by Jay on 2022 Jun 10th

    Evoking the look of retro disposables from decades past, the Rearz Select single-tab diapers could be considered primarily a novelty purchase. However, they are suitable for daily wearing. They are very comfortable, and offer reasonable capacity for a diaper slim enough to be worn during the day.