Enigma Silicone Butterfly Pacifier

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You will be truly delighted to view life through the filter of the all silicone Enigma.  Just pop one in and see the world in a whole new light.

Enigma is modelled after the most modern and well loved baby pacifiers. 

We have crafted the Enigma pacifier over the last two and a half years with lots of thought into the shape, size, material, weight and function. The seamless teat allows for a unique and comfortable experience not found on any other adult pacifier.

This unique novelty can be used for a wide variety of stress relieving activities.

The Enigma is safe to clean in boiling water and is made from 100% silicone.

Adult pacifiers have unofficially been used for snoring, anxiety, weight loss, smoking cessation and more.

The butterfly part measures 82mm*62mm (~3.3"x2.4")
The nipple is hollow for a natural inflation/deflation function when sucking and measures 53mm*23mm (~2.1"x0.9")

For adult use. Not for infants or children.
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