Alpaca Adult Footed Jammies

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Alpaca Adult Footed Jammies

An adorable playtime jammie featuring our lovely Alpaca characters with a turquoise green trim.

If you love breathable Jammies that you won't overheat in at night, you are sure to be delighted with this Alpaca print from Rearz

Snaps fully down the front and legs like a newborn sleeper. 

Jammies Sizes









Collar to

Crotch Length

72cm (28.3”)

82.5cm (32.4”)

87.6cm (34.4”)

92.7cm (36.4”)

98.4cm (38.7”)

103.5cm (40.7)



Chest Circumference

76.2cm (30”)

83.8cm (32.9”)

91.4cm (35.9”)

106.6cm (41.9”)

114.3cm (45”)

127cm (50”)

132cm (51.9”)


Sleeve length

62cm (24.4”)

65cm (25.5”)

67cm (26.3”)

68cm (26.7”)

69cm (27.1”)

69cm (27.1”)



Sleeve Cuff


18cm (7”)

20cm (7.8”)

22cm (8.6”)

24cm (9.4”)

26cm (10.2”)

26cm (10.2”)



Thigh Circumference

54cm (21.2”)

56cm (22”)

60cm (23.6”)

64cm (25.1”)

68cm (26.7)

72cm (28.3”)



Knee Circumference

46cm (18.1”)

48cm (18.8”)

52cm (20.4”)

54cm (21.2”)

60cm (23.6”)

64cm (25.1”)



Leg Length

72cm (28.3”)

74cm (29.1”)

76cm (29.9”)

77cm (30.3”)

77cm (30.3”)

100cm (39.3”)

100cm (39.3”)


Foot Length

24cm (9.4”)

26cm (10.2”)

27cm (10.6”)

28cm (11”)

28cm (11”)

28cm (11”)



Foot Width

10cm (3.9”)

10cm (3.9”)

10cm (3.9”)

11cm (4.3”)

11cm (4.3”)

11cm (4.3”)


95% Cotton, 5% spandex.

Made in the PRC.

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  • 5
    Alpaca Adult Footed Pajamas

    Posted by Blake Geist on 2022 Oct 28th

    Although I didn't understand the foot measurement methods so I have some clipping and sewing to do, they are great to have. Amazingly snuggly and light, yet comfy and warm. I felt entirely loveable if that helps. Of course, who wouldn't?

  • 4
    Rearz jammies

    Posted by Caleb on 2022 Feb 13th

    Amazing product basically sleep in it all the time. Super comfy and cute too

  • 5
    Alpaca Jammies

    Posted by RayJ on 2021 Dec 6th

    I read all the other positive reviews and decided to order these. I'm 5'10" and about 190lbs - XL fits me perfectly. I am so happy with them. They're very comfy, soft and just the right amount of stretchiness and they make me feel very little. I love the snaps and having them go all the way up to the collar. Best footed PJs I've ever tried.

  • 5
    Love Love LOVE!!

    Posted by David S on 2021 Oct 7th

    I was very hesitant about buying this footed pajamas. I am a large guy. I am almost 300 pounds 6 foot 2 incense and I wear a size 14 shoe (USA). The 4XL is perfect. They are plenty long enough. The feet are not to small they are actually a little large but with the elastic around the ankles they are good. These pajamas are not to hot. I am a warm blooded person and am always hot. These are actually quite cool to wear. The sleeves are plenty long enough. I also love the pattern. I have purchased many onesies and they have all been entirely way to small even following the size chart. Rearz knows how to make a onesie and PJs that actually fit large people. I am going to own all of the styles available as soon as my funds are available. Thank You Rearz you are now my favorite store. Shipping was fast. I have not had to use customer service but I am going to say they are great.

  • 4
    footed pajamas

    Posted by Edward Hughes on 2021 Mar 26th

    i was skeptical about this but I bought it anyway. I was totally surprised by this. It is wonderful. The sizing was direct on, the fabric is soft and light so its not very hot some some other sleepers are. This was such a good purchase that I have been considering getting another.

  • 5
    Alpaca Adult Jammies

    Posted by Anthony C on 2020 Dec 27th

    I love how comfortable these are, I already liked the print, but the actual PJs are super breathable and comfy even in the warmer months of the year. They definitely help to make you feel little. Absolutely would purchase again. Hopefully we'll see more prints in the future that aren't necessarily limited to the same prints as the diaper products.

  • 5
    SO cute!!!

    Posted by Cody on 2020 Nov 27th

    So cute and cozy!! They fit perfectly too.

  • 5
    Alpaca jammies

    Posted by Paul on 2020 Nov 22nd

    I have several pairs of Rearz jammies and am not disappointed the fabric is soft and keeps me warm. They fit well even with a diaper on.